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Sunday, August 11, 2013

New Economic Order

It occurs to me that one of the reasons for the expansion of our internal security apparatus is because the government is trying to create more jobs for people. Our former great industrial base has been decimated. The car industry has been exported to the Far East, agriculture has been mechanized, manual labor jobs have been appropriated by the Mexicans. The only things we have left are the military-industrial complex, which is still going great guns, Medicare which keeps a ten million people busy taking care of a hundred million zombies, and the service industry, which keeps a hundred million people in virtual slavery.
    Over a million people in the USA have some kind of security clearance, and as Snowden showed us, they are making "good money". Hell, they are part of the 1% that rule the world.

It says "tanker" on the side, but that's just a cover for its role in the Sooper-Secret Omega Agency.

*Numbers are WAGS (Wild Ass GuesseS), not supported by research from any fancy pants Ivy League school, or even a politically motivated pole, and are therefor dead accurate.

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