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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Send Lawyers Guns & Money

Looking over some old stuff I came across a notice that Wes Skiles, a veteran underwater camerman, had died during a dive. His widow filed a shotgun patterned lawsuit against all and sundry, which is where I got the title.
Why do we tolerate these kinds of law suits where bullying, lying, and character assassination are so casually acceptable? Aside from victims like Richie, you and I pay for these crap lawsuits with higher insurance premiums and services. It is obviously unfair to just about any observer.
It looks like the lawsuit eventually died, though the last thing I read only talked about one specific case. Don't know if there are any others still outstanding, though at this point it seems unlikely.

I blame our post-modern era. Nobody has anything to do, but we all need money, so people dream up all kinds of schemes to try and collect. The problem is that some of them actually work. To paraphrase an old saying: our trial-by-jury system is the worst form of justice. Except for all the others.

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