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Monday, August 19, 2013

Soledad Prison, California

I stumbled over this photo and I thought it was pretty cool. Thought it might be some kind of military base maybe, but no, it's a California prison. Looking at the web page I thought some of the numbers were kind of interesting.
Institution Statistics

Correctional Training Facility was opened in 1946, and covers 680 acres. As of Fiscal Year 2006/2007, the following statistics apply:
Number of custody staff:            1,119
Number of support services staff:     524
Total number of staff:              1,643

Annual Budget General: $150 Million

Designed Bedspace & Count
Facility      Capacity   Count
 I - South        510    1,090
II - Central    1,391    3,027
II - North      1,400    2,880
Total           3,301    6,997
Looks like we have one guard for every six inmates, each inmate costs $20,000 a year, and there are twice as many inmates as the place was designed for. The place in the picture above looks big, but as you can see from the satellite image below, that's not the half of it. The portion in the above photograph only occupies the lower left corner of this satellite image.

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