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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Comic Death

Our local paper has just committed suicide. They've gone from seven days a week to four. No paper this morning, so I thought I would try their online version. Jumble is no problem, I've used it before, but the comics page sucks. They have a list of several dozen comics, but if you want to actually see the comic, you have to follow the link and the pages take forever to load. Even after the page loads you still aren't there, you have to scroll down to see the funny, which generally isn't. There are a whole bunch of comics listed that weren't on the comics page, but this business of having to click, wait, and scroll to see each one is a pain. I gave it up as a bad job after about a dozen. This sucks big time. I'm tempted to cancel my subscription out of spite, but that would probably mean making a phone call and then having to deal with some robo-cop answering machine. I've seen the future and I doan lak it. Nodda tall.

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