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Monday, October 28, 2013

Economy Size Oxygen Bottle

Saw this super size cutting rig at Clackamas Steel last week when Jack & I stopped by to pick up material for one of his projects. Regular welders will usually have two similar size tanks, a tall, thin, green one for oxygen and shorter, fatter, red one for acetylene. Never seen anybody using an oxygen tank this size for, well, for anything. Looks like they are using propane for fuel. Propane probably doesn't work as well as acetylene, but evidently it works well enough, and it's a lot easier to get. You can pick up a bottle of propane at your local drugstore, for Pete's sake.


Will said...

That appears to be a dewar, a refrigerated liquid container. Not smart to leave it in the sun, though. Giant Thermos bottle, essentially. Since the contents are liquid, there is a lot more gas result than if it was just compressed O2.

Chuck Pergiel said...

I thought it looked a little funny, like it was made of thin sheet metal instead of thick plate, so a dewar makes perfect sense. Hi-tech comes to the junk yard. Bizarre.