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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Jerry Miculek Shoots the M-1 Garand

Comrad Misfit put up a video of Mr. Jerry making a very difficult shot, well, difficult for the likes of you and me. He makes it look easy. He is an impressive shooter, but even more impressive is that he is an old geezer who seems to have successfully adapted to our brave new net.
    I'm looking at some of his other stuff and I see this video. I like semi-automatic rifles because they deliver the most firepower you can get without a license, and I like the 30-06 because it is the most powerful cartridge you can get for under a buck. So I really like the M-1 Garand because it combines these two elements: the most bang for the buck. Never mind that I haven't shot more than a dozen rounds of this, and a Garand at $400 is too rich for my blood, if I was going to war it would still be my weapon of choice. (Yeah, in your dreams grandpa.)
    The clip business is interesting. Tam put up a post about clips versus magazines a while back, (this might be it, or maybe this) and until then I hadn't really thought about it. I had always been of the schoolboy opinion that magazines where the one true way. Shoot until empty, drop the empty magazine and slap a full one into the gun and resume shooting. Problem with magazines is you have to load them, one bullet at a time, by hand, which is slow and annoying. Plus you have to have magazines to load, they cost money to buy and they have some non-negligible weight you have to carry. Clips are better in almost every way. The ammo comes preloaded in clips (at least it does if you are the federal government and are buying ammo by the trainload), the clips have negligible cost and weight and are entirely disposable. I don't know, but I suspect that clips might be slightly harder and slower to get into the gun, and they disrupt your sight line, which could be a critical moment in combat. Plus if you are an arms manufacturer, you don't get to charge for the magazines.
     I call him Mr. Jerry because even though I heard him say his name on the video I still can't figure out how to pronounce it. Mukluk? Mis-a-lek? Mik-a-lux? Missile-ax?

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