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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Box Dream

Iconic warehouse scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark, because nobody makes sets for what people dream about except movie makers.

For some reason I'm back on the farm, never mind that my folks sold it and moved to Grand Rapids 30 years ago. In my dream it's still in the family and I am there to deal with it. This farm, or rather orchard, had a large, barn size building. The ground floor was cold storage, the upper floor was used for grading and packing. My folks had grafted a retail store onto the front of the lower floor.
    In my dream the building is more like three stories tall and there is a section that is open all the way from the ground floor to the roof, kind of like an atrium, but it's more like a barn or a warehouse. Looking up I can see a bunch of used cardboard boxes stacked up on some supports projecting from the third floor. The supports appear to made of flattened cardboard boxes, very flimsy, which leads me to conclude that the boxes are empty. Being as my folks grew up during the depression they were parsimonious to a fault, so I concluded that they had stock piled these boxes to use for packing and shipping. Okay, I've worked at companies like that. Understandable when you are just getting by.
    There's a rope hanging down from above where it is connected to a couple of other ropes. What's this rope for? It looks like you are supposed to pull on it. I have a suspicion of what will happen when I do, but I pull on it anyway and as expected it triggers an avalanche of the empty boxes. Yes, that is exactly the kind of scheme my Dad would have come up with to replenish your supply of boxes when you ran low. No, you don't have to send someone outside, around the back and up the stairs to carry some more boxes down to the store, you just pull on this rope, and presto! All the boxes you need. Never mind that they've been sitting up there for 30 years waiting for someone to pull that rope.
    There are a couple of other people there with me and I tell them 'come see what I found'. My wife is one of the people and true to form she says she'll be there in a minute, she's in the middle of something. Doesn't really matter, the action, such as it was, is all over. I don't think I ever knew who the other person was.

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