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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Calling Mr. White

Dustubury tells us that Walter White has been busted for meth. Yes, life is imitating art. A real person with the same name as the chemistry teacher from Breaking Bad got busted for the same crimes as our TV character was committing.

Willard White, baritone

    But wait a minute, wasn't there a comic book character named Willard White? Some kind of big shot. We ask the Google and Google serves up the Jamaican born English Baritone by that name. Never heard of him before, but Willard White, that name sure rings a bell. Let's back up (and erase the last name) and see what else the Google can find, and lo and behold:

Willard Whyte, aka Jimmy Dean, as a stand in for Howard Hughes from Diamonds Are Forever

Just goes to show all roads lead to James Bond.

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