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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

This Video Will Hurt (Not)

Remember how I was asking how crazy can be contagious? Serendipity strikes again with this video. Some of the stuff in here makes me think I might not be far off in thinking that our brains our quantum state receivers.
As for hypersound giving you a headache: that part is true, at least if you are willing to call ultrasound hypersound. Problem here is that no audio equipment will produce ultrasonic signals nor will loudspeakers produce ultrasonic sounds. If you think there might be some pieces of audio equipment somewhere that would, well, I would fall back on the definition of audio: sound that can be heard by the human ear. If it is producing sound waves at frequencies above 20 KHz (Kilo-Hertz, or thousands of cycles per second), then it is more properly called ultrasound equipment, and not audio.
In any case, the audio channel on YouTube doesn't have enough bandwidth to carry ultrasound signals, and I seriously doubt whether the speakers you are using to listen to this YouTube video would be able to produce any ultrasound even if such a signal made it down the wire to them.
My friend Jack was working with an ultrasonic distance measuring device one time. Thinking that what they couldn't hear wouldn't hurt them they left it turned of for a couple of hours and were rewarded with serious headaches. Oh, you think that ultrasonic speaker might be causing that problem? Well, yes it was. After that they only turned it on for the occasional millisecond long pulse, and they didn't have any more problems with headaches.
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