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Monday, December 9, 2013


Came across this term after reading a story titled "Saudi Interior Ministry Expanding jihadist rehabilitation program", so I had to look it up. Know Your Meme tells us “Wat” is a variant of the English word “what” that is often used to express confusion or disgust, much like its better known acronym “WTF,” short for “what the fuck.”  Urban Dictionary has a similar definition: The only proper response to something that makes absolutely no sense. This video points up some foibles you can encounter in the programming world. Which is why I stick to C. C is not perfect, but it is predictable. As for what the Saudis are doing, all I can say is WAT.

Ruby and Javascript are programming languages, popular with some people.

Update October 2015. Old video disappeared leaving this error message:
"wat" This video is no longer available due to a copyright
claim by Destroy All Software LLC.
Replaced video.

Update September 2016 replaced video directly from Destroy All Software LLC.

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