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Monday, January 27, 2014

daily minutia trivia house hold item:

Iowa Andy reports:
    Our downstairs toilet seat broke, it caught my notice because it was unusually old and of sturdy construction. Looks like it may be almost as old as I. Removing it, I ran into springs, why springs???  looking on the internet the manufacturer, Sperzel in Minneapolis, was one of five toilet seat makers,  but is now out of business.
    I did find patent information.  As detailed as the patent is,  it doesn't say why there are springs, rusted necessitating a Sawzal cutting of the thick bolt while not cracking the bowl.
    This led to researching Recip blades,  Lenox being the best,  my craftsman blades were crap. While searching for blades,  I was reminded to use the 4.5" angle grinder,  which I did,  taking a about a minute on the 2nd bolt,  much quicker than my hour of hack/recip sawing on the first.
    Additionally curious is that the seat designed to have a limited swing is mounted on a standard tank toilet whose tank abrogates the need of a swing limit. My latest theory is this industrial seat  was taken from the hospital by one of the previous Doctor owners.
    Sperzel is also the name of a Cleveland company that makes guitar machine heads.
US Patent 2,814,048

Update September 2018 replaced missing picture.

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