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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Highway Dream

I am driving a compact hatchback car down a busy four lane highway somewhere out in the backwoods. My wife is with me. There might be some other people in the backseat. I am towing a long, red, enclosed trailer. It not very tall or wide, but it is much longer than the car.
    I am in the left hand lane and I am passing a blue and white truck that is also towing a longish trailer. It's not a semi, it's one of those big utility repair trucks, the ones with the built in toolboxes on the sides. The truck is actually white with blue markings, not really blue and white, but people don't say "white and blue", do they? In any case the trailer is painted with the same color scheme.
    So I am passing this truck-trailer combo and his trailer comes loose and starts drifting into my lane. It actually contacts our car and starts pushing us across the center line into oncoming traffic. We' re still going 50 odd miles per hour. I look at the trailer and then I look where I am going just in time to see a big dump truck heading right for us. Somehow he manages to swerve out of the way. It startles me, but it doesn't last long enough for me to become really scared. Now we are slowing a bit and I am able to push the trailer back over to our side of the road and eventually off the side onto a wide spot where the white and blue truck that was pulling it has stopped.
    I have just gotten out of the car and I'm thinking this is going to be a big mess for the insurance companies to sort out when I spot a guy dressed in pinstriped dark blue business suit, complete with vest and clipboard coming toward me. He reminds me of Ron Burgundy. Seems he is an insurance adjuster and he was riding in the white and blue truck. He had just been out to adjudicate another claim, so it is mere coincidence that he is here now.

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