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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Jack Reacher

I know I said I didn't like the book, but the movie was fine, even if Tom Cruise isn't six foot five and two hundred and twenty pounds (I could have sworn it was Tam who complained about casting Tom Cruise as Reacher, but Google denies it ever happened.). He was driving a 40 year old AMERICAN muscle car going up against bad guys driving their effete, expensive Euro-sedans. One review I saw accused the gray car of being an Audi R-8, but I seriously doubt that. An A-6, maybe. And never mind that the Chevy was a 2nd generation Chevelle and 250 pounds overweight. Maybe that's why they were so willing to smash it up. Robert Duvall is getting old. Wernor Herzog plays the hard-ass Russian without any fingers. His character is a very nasty piece of work. Rosamund Pike plays the blond, while she is not beauty incarnate, she is very appealing. Perhaps it's her wide-eyed expression. The scene of her walking down the hall on her way to being kidnapped really made me think that women, in general,  have really poor situational awareness. But the whole movie was like that, expertly crafted, giving just the right emotional cues at just the right times.

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