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Monday, March 10, 2014

Kuka & Olly

This is a pretty cool overview of how modern cars are built. I don't really care about electric cars. They are kind of a neat idea, but not when they cost $67,000. Tesla took over a factory in the South San Francisco Bay area. This factory was a joint venture of Toyota and General Motors until a couple of years ago. Tesla managed to buy the factory and equip it for about $250 million dollars, which is one forth of what a modern automobile factory costs these days. They are using less than one quarter of the space and they are only building about 4% as many cars (per unit time) as the previous owners. So far.
    People are always nattering on about how great factories are because they bring lots of jobs with them. Okay, there are a few people working here, but it looks to me like the big winner is the company that made all the robots: KUKA
    KUKA makes all kinds of robots for factory automation. They have also recently branched out into carnival rides.

There are a bunch of videos of the Robocoaster in action, but this was the only one I found that gave you a passenger's eye view.

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