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Thursday, March 27, 2014

March of the Frogmen

Military Parade in Athens, celebrating Hellenic Independence Day 25 March 1821.

If those are real wetsuits then these guys have to be suffering. I can't imagine trying to march in a wetsuit. And isn't this weird? The United States is older than Greece. When we talk about history, ancient Greece figures prominently, so I kind of figure it's been there forever. Problem is we are using the same word (Greece) to talk about two different things: the ever-enduring land, and the ephemeral political constructs people have dreamed up. Yesterday Crimea was part of the Ukraine, today it's part of Russia. Has the Ukraine moved? No, we just have a new king-of-the-hill.

P.S. I was kind of hoping to find a movie trailer for an old B-movie called Attack of the Frogmen, but no such luck. Best I can do is Attack of the Ghost Riders.

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