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Friday, March 7, 2014

The Dream Deal

I'm with three other guys in a smallish car. We are headed to a remote, primitive campground. When we arrive we find the guy we were supposed to meet is already there, so things are looking good. But he is in the middle of digging something up. Just what it was was crystal clear a few moments ago, but now I only have a vague notion that it was a giant horse or a dinosaur skeleton. Whatever it was was pretty big,  and no, it wasn't rotten, it was a dream. Anyway, nothing can be done until he has finished digging this thing out of the ground so we all join in and help him.
      Eventually we pull the thing out using some kind of hoist and we can get down to business. Business concludes quickly and easily, we deliver a largish cylinder, maybe two feet in diameter and six feet long. I have no idea how we got it in the car. "Business" involved opening some store bought packages of something, so we have some litter lying around, which we police up. Someone suggests we take our bag of trash with us, but no, that would not be a good idea. Some of the material would be incriminating if we were to be stopped by the police. As we are having to cross the border on our return journey, and the man we just concluded our business deal with does not, we ask if he will dispose of our bag of trash along with his own. Sure, no problem, he's got his big cylinder of drugs, he's happy.
      I'm happy. I bend down and kiss the blue and white label on the big gray plastic suitcase-like box sitting on the ground in front of him, and then offer to shake his hand. He is suspicious but finally gives me a tepid shake with a couple of fingers.
   We are all done, we can go now. One of my compadres is looking at the big cylinder of drugs and mentions that it is a shame that we didn't get to shoot it off because what we had done was to fashion this 200 pounds of coke into a giant solid-rocket motor. I suggest that we resist the temptation to light it off because doing that would kind of screw the deal. We got paid (presumably, I didn't actually see any money), we did what we came to do, let's go, and we do.

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