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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Carnival Dream

I was at some kind of low-key carnival, like at an elementary school or a job fair or some such. There is a booth where you can demonstrate how strong you are. I shy away because, well, I'm not that strong, but after watching a couple other people do it, and getting some encouragement from my companion(s), I decide to give it a go.
    There are two circular pads set up on edge, on the edge of a shelf. The job is to put one hand on each pad and push them to the back of the shelf. There is no apparent mechanism behind the pads. When you are done a message appears on the surface of the pad evaluating your performance. They aren't difficult to push, and I get a message that is slightly more positive than the previous contestants. I also see some other people perform a similar test where you push the pads up, but I don't try that one.
    Instead I get to blow up a balloon. It's a really tough balloon, I give it a couple of big tries, but no go. I gird my loins and give it a third shot and this time it blows up into a six foot long balloon animal. The balloon has kind of a metallic, copper colored sheen to it, and instead of just a couple of appendages like a balloon dog or horse that a clown would make, this one has a couple dozen or so cylinders projecting from the end. There are so many it looks kind of like one of those old floating mines from WW2, the big balls all covered with spikes.
    All this is very amusing, but now we get to the weird part. While all this is going on I have a very strong memory of having taken a physical conditioning / self defense class at the local community college. There was only one other guy and me in the class, and he was bigger and stronger and much more capable in this area than I was, so every class session I went to involved me getting pummeled by my more capable classmate. This went on for weeks. The weird part is how strong my memory of this class was, at least while I was dreaming. The class never actually happened. At least I don't think it did.
    Yesterday I had a bit of a headache which didn't bother me too much. When I made a run out yesterday evening to pick up some dinner I noticed I was much more irritable than usual. Drivers were stupider, people were annoying.
    That and last night's dream make me wonder if I don't have some kind of bug. The fact that my wife had some kind of nasty bug a week ago and still hasn't kicked it completely may have something to do with it.

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