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Friday, April 18, 2014

Honest Answer

Prussian King Frederick II, Frederick the Great, nicknamed Old Fritz, was known not only as a philosopher-king, a musician and a polyglot, but also as a truly historical figure of the XVIII century. After coming to power, first thing Friedrich cancels torture and periodically thereafter personally inspects the prisons. On one of these inspections of the city jail in Berlin, he was interested in, as usual, hearing from the prisoners. Prisoners take this opportunity to cling to the royal feet, cursing their evil fate, protesting their innocence and how it was an accidental misunderstanding that landed them here in the first place. One prisoner,  modestly and quietly stood aside, without asking for clemency or even coming close to Frederick. King showed him a gesture to come: - Well, you - the king said to him, - also came here by mistake? - No, Your Majesty, - said the prisoner - I am punished. I am convicted of theft. Monarch turned to the jailer and said quietly: - Kick this thug out of jail, so it will not spoil your present society of honest people.

Stolen from Татьяна Варуха. Авторский блог Слово миру , translated by Google and beaten into submission by me. I was going to say "polished", but that would be putting a "shine" on my work, and I'm not sure that it qualifies.

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