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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Truck Dream

We are engaged in some kind of enterprise and it seems to be going well. We need a new truck for the next section of this project. We find ourselves in a new crew cab pickup truck heading down the highway and we have to stop for gas. At the filling station we get out and I see the new truck I have just bought for the first time. (I don't know how this happened, probably because we picked it up in the dark when I was half asleep.)
    Boy, is it ugly. It looks like one of those Chevrolet Avalanche things. The body is black but the doors are bright yellow. There are a bunch of ladders on top of the bed. Seems the bed is equipped with a hydraulic lift that will lift the whole thing straight up so it can be used as a work platform. We're filling the tank with fuel and someone decides this would be a good time to try out this hydraulic lift, so they start raising the bed. The fuel filler is mounted on the bed, so the gas nozzle goes along with it. The whole thing goes straight up 15 feet or so so we can easily see the mechanism underneath, and what a complex mechanism it is.
    Meanwhile, fuel is still being pumped into the filler port, and I can see that the lift mechanism incorporates a pipe that allows for this, though where the fuel tank is located is not clear. The fuel dispenser doesn't care, it keeps pumping fuel up the hose that is dangling from the fuel filler port and the fuel keeps going into the tank.

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