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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Airshow Budapest 2014 Highlights

This video suits my ADD perfectly. It's short, and all of the scenes are short as well. Sometimes too short. It's like a teaser for the full length movie. It's interesting what happens when you change the rules. Some of these stunts (i.e. the ones involving bridges) would never be permitted in the USA.
    It's kind of like when Surya Bonaly did a back flip at the 1998 Winter Olympics. That impressed me all the way around the block. I enjoy Olympic ice skating performances, they are generally pretty cool, but after you've seen a dozen or twenty, they kind of all begin to look alike. And then this girl comes out and does a backflip! I was totally blown away! Wowzers!
    I don't drink Red Bull, I've never even been tempted to try it. Probably because I'm old and cheap. My boys drink it occasionally.
   Video via Posthip Scott.

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