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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Beware the White Van

Came home the other day and see this big white van parked in front of my neighbor's house. What's going on? Has some government alphabet agency finally caught up with me? Are they here to keep an eye on me, or are they here on a snatch and grab mission? Being the prudent kind of guy that I am I took a picture of this mystery vehicle so that if I turned up missing my friends would have a clue as to what happened to me. Then, being the foolish character that I am, I walked around the back of the van to see if I could find some evidence of actual skulduggery. With the camera in my pocket. D'oh!

Turns out it was a city crew inspecting the storm drains with their high-tech Austrian sewer robot. The manhole covers for storm drains have 16 holes. The mainhole covers for the sewers only have two holes. In Hillsboro. If you care.
    Yes, I suppose they could have been secret government agents pretending to be city employees, but I didn't see any guns or black clothing, so they must really have been city employees.

The robot is attached to this 1600 foot long cable.

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