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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Carrying a Gun

I don't carry a gun. I don't know anyone (at least in real life) who does either, or at least no one has confessed to such. I don't carry one because I don't feel the need. Maybe it's because I live in white bread suburbia, or maybe it's because I live in the Wild West, and people are just more civilized out here because they know everyone has guns.
    I like guns. Many of my friends have guns. We go shooting occasionally.
    Just read a post on the Firearms Blog about carrying a gun and training. I am not sure his advice to get all the training you can is realistic or practical. There's nothing wrong with getting lots of practice or training, if you have the time and money. Some people thrive on it, and that's fine.
    I'm thinking though, that for most people, the odds of encountering a life or death situation situation are pretty slim. In that case investing a great deal of time and money in training and practice begins to look like a pretty poor investment.
    In any kind of high stress situation, staying calm and being able to keep thinking are the most important things you can do. Freaking out or freezing up are generally unhelpful. If you are carrying a gun and you are faced with a life threatening situation, staying calm and remembering the basic rules of operating your gun (Align the sights on your chosen target. Squeeze the trigger.) is your best bet.
    Problem is that it's a little hard to predict how anyone will act in a dangerous situation. And it might not be just the person and the situation, don't forget your frame of mind. Catch James Bond on a bad day and he might very well freak out. Push Goldie Hawn into a corner and she might just be cool as a cucumber and not have a bit of trouble popping a cap in your ass.
    Mental discipline is your friend. Training can help, but it is no guarantee of future success.

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