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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Acting is Work

Irba reports:
I am still in the office at 8 pm because this multi-billion dollar company cannot devise a backup for 3 Unix servers.

I restored 14G of data to each of them from my LAPTOP via FTP.

Businesses are predicated on dividing work into little bitty pieces, each of which are simple and obvious.

Working with computers requires a higher level of abstract thinking. This is something most businessmen do not understand and do not know how to handle.

It's kind of like making movies. You have legions of drones to do all the grunt work, all to support the small group of actors who constitute the 'talent'.

It's kind of not like the movies, because the 'talent' in movies is one of the main features that helps sell the product.

Computer geeks that keep the virtual gears turning smoothly have no such visible value. If things are working smoothly, well, we must not need the computer geeks.

I think the key is to manufacture a crisis every so often and then make a big show of having to work extremely hard to put things right. In other words, display your talent as an 'actor'.


Ole Phat Stu said...

What, no RAID?

I'm assuming the problem was a disc crash.

Charles Pergiel said...

Who knows? I suspect operator error, or a software bug scrambled the index.

Anonymous said...

No crash. Prolly inadvertent recursive deletion. Who knows who has access? No one here knows.

Anonymous said...

What's the superuser password?

rm *.*

Charles Pergiel said...

Oh, that's funny!

Anonymous said...

"password" of course.

And it's "rm -r *"