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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Fax Machine Blood Feud

I don't know what the connection is, but this was best picture that turned up when I Googled the title to this post. Yuliya Snigir plays Irina in A Good Day to Die Hard, who mainly makes an impression because she's beautiful and a shot of her stripping out of motorcycle leathers was heavily featured in the film's marketing materials. That shot was almost completely cut from the movie itself.

Got a letter from Walgreens, a form letter out of a computer, but an actual printed-on-paper, delivered-by-snail-mail letter the other day. It's telling me that one of my prescriptions has expired, and the doctor hasn't stepped up and authorized any more. All this requesting and authorizing is done with fax machines, so if the doc is going to authorize more drugs for me, he's going to need the fax number. Well, where is it? It's not in the letter, it's not on their website, so I call, fight with the robo-cop answering machine, wade through an armload of protocol with the operator and finally get the fax number. Call the doctor's office and they tell me they don't need the fax number, all this prescription s*** is handled electronically now.
     So now I see how Obamacare has started a bunch of blood feuds in the Republican party. Big businesses like Walgreens want automation and elimination of unnecessary paperwork, while small businesses, like your local fax machine dealer, like things the way they were.

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