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Friday, November 7, 2014

Blinding Light of American Justice

From The article

as a result of US collusion with the rulers of a number of oil extracting countries, an artificial surplus of crude was created on the market and oil prices fell almost by a factor of four
Pffft. IF the US could actually do this there would be sufficient US reasons to do it based on our own economic interest and nothing else. Forget the USSR. The conversation would be something like:

CIA Henchman 1: "Muwahahaha we can lower oil prices by a factor of four and thus provide a huge boost to our economy."
CIA Henchman 2: "Muwwahahahha, great. My retirement portfolio could really use it. And maybe it will hurt the USSR."
CIA Henchman 1: "USSR? Meh. OK, I guess. Seriously though, the DJIA will triple in 6 years. And we can drive 8 mpg Cadillacs."
Both: "Muwahahahahahahahahahaha!"
Fade to the blinding light of American Justice.

The End

Taken from a post on a Military Photos dot net forum by Mark Sman . Just the best thing I've read this morning. I was going to put a picture of a atomic bomb explosion up at the top, but then I thought that might be just a little too cynical, so I went with lady justice. This statue is in the UK, but we Americans inherited our legal system from England, and we are both glorious beacons so it will do.

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