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Friday, November 7, 2014

ESA (European Space Agency) Lunar Base Concept

Looks like they are getting serious about going to the moon. They are starting to take things like radiation and meteorites seriously. Meteoroids might be the correct term, but does anyone really care? Whatever you call them they are still just rocks falling out of the sky. And regolith? Really? Can't we just call it dirt? I mean, that's all it is, isn't it?
     I noticed that they didn't mention the part that Earth's magnetic field plays in protecting us from radiation, and the layer of dirt they put over the dome looks a little thin for long term occupation. I think I'd want at least ten feet of dirt, and 20 wouldn't be out of line. But then the effects of low gravity might accumulate more quickly than damage from radiation, so maybe it wouldn't matter. You would want to leave before your muscles atrophied too much, and the five feet of so or dirt that is shielding you might be enough to keep damage from radiation down to an acceptable level in the time you are there.

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