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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

François Gissy Bicycle World Record 207 mph

Stupid hippie. Get a haircut, ya weirdo! And get your rocket thingy off of my lawn!

Phineas               Freddy               Franklin
    Reminds me of an episode of the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers where Freewheelin' Franklin and Fat Freddy have to get somewhere in a hurry and they only have one bicycle. Franklin gets all cranked up, Freddy pops up on the handlebars and down the freeway they zoom. In the next scene we see two cops stumbling into the police station looking like they've been worked over by gang of thugs. When the Sargent asks them what happened they reply that they 'got passed by a couple of hippies on a bicycle. They were going so fast we thought we were stopped, so we got out to see what was going on.' They weren't stopped.

    Which reminds me of an episode of Top Gear wherein James May takes the Bugatti Veyron for a spin on Volksvagen's test track out near the old border between the two Germanys. He's made his high speed run and now he's slowing down and when he gets to about 70 he's tempted to get out because the change in speed has convinced him that he must be stopped.

And let's not forget crazy Colin Furze who strapped a pulse jet to his mum's bicycle. Or Valerie Thompson. Or Valerie Roedenbeck Maloof.

This is all Stu's fault for sending me the first video.

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