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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Totalitarianism Today

Gate to existing Deveselu Airbase
While looking for information about the new missile base the US is building in Romania, I came across this wonderfully written story by Alina Stefanescu.

You may have heard of Bowe. His actions created some controversy. Alina's story isn't really about Bowe, he's just the stepping off point. Well worth reading.

When Nicolae Ceausescu, Romania’s dictator, was finally taken down, my father, of a similar age, wondered why they couldn't just leave him alone. He's an old man, what's he gonna do? I didn't agree. I thought if there was a chance to make him pay for his sins, we should seize the chance before he kicks off on his own and escapes justice forever. Funny how stories can get your back up. I've never been to Romania, don't know anybody from there. Why should I care? Because there is a difference between right and wrong, though sometimes it's really hard to tell which is which.

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