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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

You Get What You Pay For by Larry Beinhert

I start reading this book and, hey! Wait a minute! I recognize this scene! It was in a cop show I saw not too long ago. We've got Arthur Scorcese sitting in the driver's seat in his "two-door white long-hood  Lincoln Continental" that is parked at the curb near the Bronx Park. Three other guys drive up in a Buick. Two of them get out and get in the Lincoln. Fat Freddy Ventana (he's really fat) gets in the back of the Lincoln, while Frank Felacco gets in the passenger seat in front. They talk for a while and then Arthur leans forward to start the car and his pager falls out of his pocket. "The fuck is wired," Frank yelled. "Hit 'em Freddy" and Freddy in the back seat pulls out a .38 and shoots Arthur in the back of the head.
    But now that I've read that section I'm wondering if maybe I had read it before and I have constructed the scene in my mind, because I sure could visualize it. But the copy of the book I'm reading is falling apart and I think I would have noticed something like that. I Googled a bit to see if I could find any connection between the author and a movie or TV show, but no luck. Or maybe he got the scene from the same I movie I saw, whatever it was. Dang, now I'm not sure where it came from.

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