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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A music video in Japan

OK Go - I Won't Let You Down

Spectacular! Amazing! Stupendous! The tune is innocuous, but the video is very, very clever, and it appears to have been shot all in one take, which makes it doubly impressive. It's supposed to be from Japan, but it's sung in English by Western looking dudes, dudes wearing suits. I just want to say that I am agin suits. Don't like anything about them.
    There is a link to an 'interactive' version embedded at the end, but it's a little hard to click because of the magic disappearing toolbar, so I've copied the link here. I don't know what's so interactive about it, but it does contain a link to Honda's unicycle, except it's not a really a link. It's kind of cool machine, so I clipped a pic.

Honda's Uni-Cub

Posthip Scott sent me a link to a page of drone videos. This was the first one that got my attention.

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