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Saturday, December 6, 2014

ACLU - American Consulting Lawyers are Useless

Marcel put up a post this morning about civil-asset-forfeiture, which got my blood up enough to follow the links, which almost got my blood up enough to write a post, but then I checked my blog and found I've written more about the ACLU than I remembered. Okay, that's not hard. I write stuff down so I don't have to remember it, I can just check my blog.

Now I'm wondering why the ACLU continues to be such a weak sister. Let's see who's in charge. Oof. Big group. Susan Herman is the President and her most recent blog post is titled

Here's How You Can Make Constitution Day a Federal Holiday

Well, now, that's some strong leadership for you.


Anonymous said...

The best argument against the effectiveness of the ACLU is the condition of civil liberties in America today.

Charles Pergiel said...

That's not encouraging.