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Sunday, December 7, 2014


Africans dismantle Russian cargo plane in Lord of War

A large (not) Russian cargo jet, loaded with weapons, on its way to Chad, has been detained in Nigeria.  

Over on Military Photos dot net somebody posted this video. It's a little disturbing to see such a fine plane reduced to scraps so quickly, but then if it really was a fine plane it wouldn't have been abandoned in the middle of nowhere (no disrespect to this particular place). And is it any worse than what we do with our old airliners? I mean, we do allow a proper period of mourning where we let them bake in the sun for a few years, but in the end we feed them to the chopper. These guys at least are making good use of the various bits.

As to the (not) Russian plane, the question is, are the weapons intended for the good guys, or the bad guys? I'm sure it will all be sorted out to Mr. Cage's satisfaction.

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