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Thursday, December 25, 2014


The happy couple took a cab to get here today because the were bringing us a suitcase full of bottled water. Because. Anyway, the cabbie had a sticker on his review mirror that read 'Impaciente' (Impatient). When they inquired, the cabbie tells them that he sometimes gets impatient customers who harangue him to drive faster, get them there quciker, they can't be late. If they annoy him sufficiently, he will stop and tell them to get out or shut up. Ok then.
    Last week, he continues, he kicked out a passenger because he found out he was a government employee. The government steals all our money, so any money you have is stolen, and I don't want any of your dirty money. Admirable, if true. Not often you will find someone who will choose principles over cold hard cash. As to whether the government is all that bad, well, as always, opinions vary.

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