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Monday, December 22, 2014

Ook Ook!

Donovan With The Jeff Beck Group Goo goo barabajagal

Anonymous left an ookie comment which prompted me to reply (in my head) ook ook a boo, which triggered a faint memory of a tune. A few seconds of turning it over and I realized it was an old Donovan tune, but the actual words escaped me. Google 'donovan songs' and a short list of his tunes pops up. Reading through the list I come across Barabajagal and we have contact!
    Now all we need is a video for me blog. There isn't much out there. Most of them just have a single still image, which isn't really much of a video. There's a live recording of a recent performance, but the sound is wretched, meaning it is very far from the original studio recording that my brain requires.
   And then there is this one, which is just way out there. I mean who applies Donovan to everyday scenes at an elementary school? The video ends a minute early. You can hear the whole thing here.
    Children are often referred to as monkeys, so maybe that's the connection, and if so then The Rolling Stones have something to say about that.

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