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Monday, December 1, 2014

Who's Your Daddy?

Update August 2015: I read it wrong. The guy on the cover is Iranian General Qassem Soleimani, not the Sheikh.
If I read this right, this is Sheikh Raad Al Kafaji, a former Iraqi Army officer specialising in artillery, and a veteran fighter from the days of the Iran-Iraq war. He is head of the al Kafaji tribe and a commander in the Kata’ib Hezbollah militia, one of the Shia militias at the forefront of the fight against ISIS in Iraq.
Shocked to see this, I didn't know Newsweek was still in business. Hadn't seen or heard anything from them in a long time. The story is all about Iran is supporting Shia militias in Iraq in their fight against ISIS. If anyone knows what the USA's foreign policy is, I would appreciate hearing about it. Right now it doesn't make any sense. We like Saudi Arabia, but they are the ones funding ISIS. We don't like President Assad of Syria because he is a brutal dictator. We don't like ISIS because they are Jihadists. We don't like Iran because they are run by zealous religious tyrants.
     Meanwhile Iraq does not seem to be able to produce an army capable of much of anything, but when the Ayatollah (of Rock an' Rolla) issues a fatwa, well now we've got militiamen coming out of the woodwork and ISIS is being pushed back.
    The Iran-Iraq war killed a million people. Saddam killed a half million of his own people because they were the wrong flavor of Islam. I don't know how many people the USA killed in our two attacks on Iraq but I wouldn't be surprised if it was another half a million. There doesn't seem to be any let up in sight. Amnesty International gets mentioned in the last paragraph of the story. What a waste of ink that is.

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