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Friday, January 23, 2015

About Mondoweiss

Jim Clancy
RT (Russia Today) video: Clancy Quits: Veteran US TV journo leaves CNN after Twitter rant on Israel

RT is state owned, the Voice of Putin, if you will. While they provide a counterpoint to mainstream US owned media, you would do well to take what they say with a grain of salt. Or a shot of vodka. Your choice.
    So I Googled Jim Clancy and a story on Mondoweiss popped up. Who the heck is Mondoweiss, and what are they selling? Their 'about page' seems pretty straightforward and clear headed:
Mondoweiss is a news website devoted to covering American foreign policy in the Middle East, chiefly from a progressive Jewish perspective.It has four principal aims:
  1. To publish important developments touching on Israel/Palestine, the American Jewish community and the shifting debate over US foreign policy in a timely fashion.
  1. To publish a diversity of voices to promote dialogue on these important issues.
  1. To foster the movement for greater fairness and justice for Palestinians in American foreign policy.
  1. To offer alternatives to pro-Zionist ideology as a basis for American Jewish identity.
This blog is co-edited by Philip Weiss and Adam Horowitz. Weiss lives in New York state and Horowitz lives in Atlanta.We maintain this blog because of 9/11, Iraq, Gaza, the Nakba, the struggling people of Israel and Palestine, and our Jewish background.This site aims to build a diverse community, with posts from many authors. The views of these authors do not necessarily represent the views of Horowitz and Weiss.
Mostly I try to stay out of sectarian debates, but I thought number four ("To offer alternatives to pro-Zionist ideology as a basis for American Jewish identity.") was kind of interesting.

Yes, I know all four of the items are labeled number 1. That's a new non-discrimination feature of Goggle's Blogger. We wouldn't want any items on the list to feel that weren't as important as any of the other items.

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