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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Buenos Aires Buildings

View across the street from the kid's apartment in Buenos Aires. I put it together from three separate images using Autostitch, which I suppose is obsolete technology since omnivision lenses became affordable.
    Anyway note how tall the buildings are: two, three, maybe four stories. The kid's apartment building is no wider than any of these buildings but is 16 stories tall. It is really nice, in an archaic, made out of stone, fifty years old kind of way.  The apartments are small, but then so is the rent.
    This whole section of Palermo is like this: mostly short buildings with the occasional monolith shooting toward the sky. All these tall buildings are built with at least one, maybe two, blank walls, like they expected somebody to build another tall building right next door, but it never happened.  So it's kind of like a building boom got started fifty or so years ago and then collapsed.

There aren't any cars in the picture because I had been standing on the curb for five minutes waiting for a break in the traffic. The stop light helped. Don't worry, though. In another minute the thundering herd will return.
    The farther north you go (toward the sea / river / ocean), the greater the proportion of high rises, at least until you get to the Avenida del Libertador, which was definitely built to impress.

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