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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Cart Before the Horse

Some websites have taken to asking survey questions before they will show you the article you wanted to read. These generally don't bother me too much, and they are certainly less annoying than the websites with videos that pop up and start telling you at FULL VOLUME that my name is Bob and I am here to try and pry some money out of your wallet. Give the possible alternatives, answering a simple question is a relative joy.
     However, some simple questions cannot be properly answered, for instance, this one, found on the

How convenient is the following service to you?
An online ordering website which gathers companies that provide food/groceries/laundry delivery in your neighborhood.

Well, that would depend, wouldn't it, on having used that service. If there was such a thing and I used it and I found it convenient, and their prices weren't out of line, then I probably would keep using it. What they are asking for is for me to speculate, and that seems a bit foolish. But maybe there is some secret psychological sleight of hand going on here. They put this question out there enough and it will be on people's minds, so when they finally do announce their new service, people will notice.
     Or maybe they are just incompetent pollsters.

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