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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Free Word Processing Advice

Because if you are going to be seduced to the dark side you may as well go with someone on the A-list.
You do know how much free advice is worth, don't you? 

Daniel Friedman is having problems with WORD and asks for advice. Ask, Daniel, and you shall receive.

Microsoft sucks you in with 'look how easy it is', and so you start using it and as you go along you pick up little tricks. You encounter little problems along the way, but nothing you can't deal with. After several years you have invested so much time and energy in it that you become wedded to Microsoft. That's when the real problems appear, the ones that cannot be fixed even though you spend days researching and fighting with it. Problem here is that Microsoft is rotten to the core. Their products are like castles built on sand. They look good for a bit, but then the foundation collapses and your castle along with it. If you are lucky you might be able to save your text. If you need it typeset or otherwise processed, hire a pro.

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