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Friday, January 9, 2015

How Traitor & British Agent Jinnah Got Pakistan? - Tarek Fatah

Transcript of YouTube video. The first part is about the aftermath of WW2 in some obscure parts of Asia. After that he starts wandering off in the weeds, at least from my viewpoint. I transcribed it because the first part was interesting, but the video was awfully slow.

0:00 At the end of WW2, on 5th May, when Nazi Germany surrendered to the Soviet Union's Red Army
0:15 on the evening of the same day, Prime Minister Winston Churchill has set up a special task force and
0:21 said, "Within 15 days, give me a report on how Britain's security interests in India and the Indian Ocean
0:31 will be met." And after 2 weeks, when the report was received, it was specifically mentioned that in the
0:41 North-West areas of India, which is now Pakistani Punjab, Khyber-Pakthunkwa and Kashmir, if we don't get
0:52 military bases in there to stop the Soviet Red Army from advancing, then the security goals of the West
1:02 will not be met. Now you have to see the background. In the final days of WW2, the Red Army
1:12 entered the Iran. There it established two countries - one is Mahabad, which is the People's Republic of
1:21 Kurdistan, a communist state, and the other one is People's Republic of Azerbaijan.
1:27 In the Western countries, President Truman and Prime Minister Winston Churchill were scared when the Red Army
1:40 captured Japan's Northern Islands called Kuril Islands. Within two weeks the Soviets wiped out the Japanese
1:49 from that area. America and Britain did not have much army but the Russia has two million armed soldiers
2:03 The real WW2 was fought between Germany and Russia. The rest of the armied were small
2:12 Because of this fear, the Britain, which was the senior partner compared to US, wanted military bases
2:21 When they conveyed this to Congress - Menon and Patel, who were in London at that time, outrightly rejected
2:30 When the Viceroy of that time Lord Wavell came to Jinnah, Jinnah said "That's not a problem. We Muslims
2:40 are enemies of communists anyway. These Hindus, can they even fight?"
2:46 Most of the British Army at that time was from Punjab.
2:50 On this basis, the elections of 1946, which haven't yet been conducted...I will tell you another thing
2:59 In July 1945, Churchill lost the elections in England. Everyone was shocked. Labour Party's Prime Minister
3:07 Atlee's first government was formed. In the Labour Party Convention, when the people asked Why India, which
3:16 is the Jewel in the crown of the British Empire, why are you breaking it up - Mr. Bevin who was the secretary of
3:24 Sate said that without the division of India.... we are dividing India to maintain the security interests
3:33 of the West to thwart the Soviet expansion in the Middle East. The problem for the Congress at that time
3:42 was that about 500 Princely States, which could have become independent states in India, including Kashmir, Hyderabad, Bhopal, Patiala, Khairpur
3:53 Bahawalpur, Kalat, etc. Congress' fear is that if the British give independence to these states, especially Kashmir and smaller states like Swat and
4:06 establish bases, then what? Indian National Congress' aim was to bring these princely states under
4:14 their control. They had not imagined even in their wildest dreams that Jinnah, who fought in 1946 elections
4:20 by engineering Direct Action Day during and after the election because many were killed in
4:26 Calcutta, they never estimated that Jinnah could pull this off. You can say it was the brilliance of
4:35 Jinnah as a lawyer but... in criminal defence and civil lawsuits, your lawyer may be very good
4:43 but once he has won the case he doesn't give a damn about you. This is what happened with Pakistan
4:49 Here you have a guy who can't even speak hi mothertongue and Gujarti properly, can't speak Urdu, who used to
4:58 drink alcohol, eat pork, married a Zoroastrian woman - you have packaged him as an Imam, in pajama and
5:04 Chudidar and sherwani; and said this is the Qaid-e-Azam (Great Leader) MA Jinnah and offered a deal.
-other guy says something-
5:11 It was said that he used to receive money. It was said that British Government used to funnel six lakh
5:18 rupees per month form the Princely States for the Muslim League for the 1946 elections. It was like this
5:28 the Muslim kings and emperors, especially the Nizam of Hyderabad. Britain gives money to these people and
5:38 then they used to donate that money to Muslim League. This was mentioned by...what's his name...he is from Kraksar Party in Punjab
5:47 his symbol was the to the assassination attempt on Jinnah, which included Ahraais and Khaksaris..this is all in his records. But keep all this aside
6:04 Once Pakistan was made, when the Indian National Congress accepted it, when Maulana Kalam went to
6:16 Jama Masjid and addresses Muslims there in a stern language and said, "Now you are crying? Now you are
6:23 regretting? I told you not to listen to them. I told you that the interests of Muslims is not in partition
6:33 Now you are split into three parts." When you read all that we can see that India mas mentally accepted
6:39 that the state is broken but Jinnah's house is in Bombay and he will be coming and going. A lot of people
6:48 from UP have come to Pakistan, used to go back to UP & back to Pakistan since railways were free that time
6:54 What did we do? Instead of solving Kashmir issue with mutual understanding, our mentality was like one
7:06 Muslim can kill ten Hindus and we have sent in the Army and tribals. Jinnah is politically wise. He would have understood it
- other guy says something else -
7:16 He was a lawyer, not a politician. Neither did he have a vision. He did not read Muslim history. He knew
7:23 nothing about Unamyyids and Abbassids. Despite being a Shia, he to recite Sunni prayer.
7:29 Please don't lie this much. Right. I am a Sunni. My wife is a Shia. She reads Shia prayer. She doesn't
7:35 ask me to preform the prayer her way, nor do I tell her to do my way.
7:39 Don't do this acting in front of the whole state. You are a Shia. Your behaviour when private is one way
7:49 and in public, you act as a Sunni. How many lies will this country tell and I am talking about 1947 and 48

Update: I transcribed this from the subtitles, not from the audio, which would have been very difficult as parts of it were in a language I didn't even recognize, much less understand.

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