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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Immobiliare versus Inmobiliaria

Real Estate office in Buenos Aires. No surprise, Argentina is a Catholic Country, of course the Vatican is going to be involved.
We have two Spanish words with almost the same spelling:

  • iMmobiliarE
  • iNmobiliarIA

Part 3 of The Godfather has always been my favorite because of its portrayal of corruption at the very highest levels. The Vatican owns half of the real estate is Europe? Sure, why not? They have been there longer than any of the existing governments, it makes sense that would have their fingers deep into that pie. So when I saw this sign above a real estate office in B.A. my suspicions were confirmed. The Vatican really is deep into the real estate business, not just in Europe, but also in Argentina.
    Well, not so fast Bucky. Let's see what the Google has to say about this.

Immobiliare. In The Godfather Part 3:
There are 13 directors of the Immobiliare. Michael controls 6 votes, the Vatican controls the swing vote.
Immobiliare ("the largest landlord on earth") was a $6 Billion corporation of which the church owned 25%. The church had a $769 Million deficit, and Michael agreed to bail them out and take majority control for $600 Million
Inmobiliaria is simply the Spanish word for real estate, like in Società Generale Immobiliare, whose largest shareholder was the Vatican.

Inspired by this post on Military Photos dot net, and because I had this picture just waiting to be posted.

Just how much truth is in The Godfather? Anthony Bruno has a story on Crime Library dot com.

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