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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

My Favorite Plaything

My Favorite Plaything
An non-computerized RPG (Role Playing Game) from Brazil, a game that you play with actual people sitting around an actual table. Although it is about children, the game is for adults. It looks like it could be very entertaining. Of course, you would have to spend time in a room with other people, but who know? It might be worth it. From the introduction:
You have probably heard imagination has no limits, right?
But when it comes to children this saying embodies another proportion. To some of them, the difference between what’s real or imaginary is almost nonexistent. Through play, they learn about the world, and while projecting their fears, insecurities and frustration during play, they learn ways to overcome these feelings.
If role-playing games are a kind of make-believe, then My Favorite Plaything could be considered a kind of metalanguage, because in here you will return to the nostalgic times when you were little. It will be fun and exciting. Some kind of “Conscious Childhood”.
This is a game for adults. So they can revisit their childhood traits and, who knows, maybe learn more about themselves in a possible journey of self-discovery.
 The whole game is explained in the manual (a PDF file). Via Brent Newhall on Google+.

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