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Sunday, February 1, 2015


The Best / Bodhisattiv

Tam put up a post with this title, and I said (to myself) that name sounds familiar. Where did I hear that? And boom, Steely Dan pops into my head, which leads to the above video, and wait a minute, those are real people on stage. If I recall correctly, back in the day Steely Dan was kind of secretive, never appearing in public, not even releasing any photographs, and now, here they are, out in public where everyone can see them. Just checked with Wikipedia. Sometimes they gave concerts and some years they didn't. I can see how a change like that could give rise to rumors, which people just love to share.

Update March 2017 replaced missing video. Didn't find any videos of Steely Dan that I liked, so now we have The Best, whoever they are.

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