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Monday, February 2, 2015

Personal Problem

My latest suspect for the cause of all my troubles is my arhythmitic heart. I don't have any overt symptoms, unless you count dying from lack of oxygen due to climbing four flights of stairs. That's figuratively dying, of course, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this. But I have trouble getting things done. That's not new, but it's been slowly getting worse, and that makes it a problem. I'm only putting this together because of the month I spent in Argentina. While I was there I made an effort to go for a walk of a couple, three or four miles every day, and I managed to do so. This has been on my agenda for years, but at home I have only been intermittently successful. So what was the difference? Well, I didn't have any chores to do. If that's all it was that would be kind of weird because I don't have a lot of chores. And that's what makes this problem so insidious: because the reduction in my miniscule chore load was all that it took to get me walking.
    I go to the doctor and he asks me how I feel, and I say 'fine', which is pretty much true, except for all my little aches and pains, but they aren't a big problem. And he asks if I have any trouble walking and the answer is no, and do I ever get out of breath? Sure, if I exert myself, but I soon recover. He tells me I need to get more exercise and I agree and he sends me home.
    But I don't have any energy, and so motivating myself to do anything requires more effort than actually doing it. Kind of a weird paradox, that.
    So back to the doc for more tests. Maybe he'll have a new pill that will fix me up.

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