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Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Stopped by my mechanic's shop yesterday and looky, looky, a 1994 Lamborghini with 26,000 miles. That's just a tad over a thousand miles a year. Just in case you were wondering.
     What do you do with a supercar? It's not something you want to fetch groceries in. The pain of just getting in and out of the car is going to discourage that. Commuting to work in bumper to bumper traffic? That doesn't sound like much fun. The whole point is to go a thousand miles an hour around hairpin corners, and where can you do that? There are lots of back roads in Oregon and once you get a hundred or so miles away from Portland and the I-5 corridor, traffic drops to nil. So, pop over to Coeur d'Alene for the weekend, or maybe down to Reno. Shoot, just driving to Bend, which is only a 100 miles could be fun.

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Tam said...

On the bus from Portland to Bend and back, I found myself longing to come back and retrace the route in my Z3. Pretty country, great roads.