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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Gol Durn Whippersnappers

Went to the store, the bill was $17.99. I reach in my pocket to see what kind of cash I have stuffed in there and I come up $8. Well, that's half of it. Do I have a ten in my wallet? No, but I have a 20. I give the 20 and the 8 to the cashier and he looks at it, apparently confused. He wants to know if I want a five back, no, I tell him, I want a ten, but never mind, just take it out of the $20. I was surprised he didn't just punch it into the register and wait for the machine to compute the change, that's what most cashiers seem to do these days.
     On my way home, I make a left turn off of the main drag into a side street. There is a car sitting there at the stop sign. As I approach the crosswalk a biggish kid on a Razor scooter comes sliding out from behind the car on a diagonal track across the street towards the corner. I might have been able to hit him if I hadn't slowed down. He's gone, but here comes his younger sibling up the street and he veers towards me, causing me to slow some more. Ok, stupid kids playing stupid games. Except for the smug look on his face, that really pissed me off. Useless little shits. I go a block before my rage gets the better of me and I turn around and head back to the corner, see if I can find out where they are going. They are riding down the middle of the street, playing chicken with oncoming traffic. Okay, there wasn't much traffic, and they weren't really serious about it, but WTF?
   Another thing. They both had gauge earrings. I'm guesstimating their age at about 10. I'm beginning to understand why some retirement communities don't allow any kids at all, ever.

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