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Wednesday, May 6, 2015


I'm watching a video about the history of the Mediterranean. At the end a URL appears: 
I'm looking for more information, the video is pretty skeletal, so I type it in, but I'm clumsy and I get it wrong:
No problem, there is a website there as well. That's weird. I wonder if they have done the same with my blog title, and they have. Since they probably only had to pay for registering, it isn't costing them much.

Update: I thought about this and then I got to wondering how many different ways are there to misspell blogspot? And how many of them have they registered? And how many other misspelled domain names have they registered? There could be thousands, and registering all of them would run into serious money. Somebody should check it out, find out just what's going on here. Somebody besides me, I'm busy. I have important stuff to take care of. Now where is that donut?


CGHill said...

Considering that Google owns all things Blogger, including and various misspellings thereof, they probably paid for them out of pocket change.

There are also .ca and variants, and likely many others.

Charles Pergiel said...

I don't think it's Google. Looks like some Christian organization.