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Friday, July 31, 2015

Clear as Mud

Got an email from Helen this morning. She wants to post some claptrap on my blog, advertising claptrap from the sound of it. Best wishes to you, too, Helen.
    So now I'm wondering just who this 'Helen' is. No last name, but not an obvious alias like 'bloodmoney4'. Her email address ( comes with an alias ( Being brave (or foolish) I check out the websites. How bizarre.
  • is a single page about the Arial font. Nicely laid out with a couple of pictures and an entertaining, though totally unrelated, video.
  • leads to,184,0872,934.html, which appears to be advertising the services of an advertising agency. It doesn't take long to suspect that something is not quite kosher. If the opening paragraph doesn't clue you in, this one should:
    The proof is in the scope of your multifarious results. With EMSVR advanced communications software, when it comes to IT and MT, the solution is total factored integration, multifarious entry & exit point parameters and total simplicity.
    It's early and I'm not fully awake, so I'm wondering if these guys might possibly be legit (as in peddling bullshit), so I page through till I get to their contact information, which leads to
  • The Tortoise Islands. The Lost World! I knew it was around here somewhere.    


Linda said...

This very Helen emailed me today wanting to contribute a blog post on my site with link to her "partners." Any additional clarity?

Anonymous said...

Also contacted by this "helen" right after our website was polluted with spam. This sounds like suspicious activity.How would it work, do they publish something and then ask money or put a virus on your system?