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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

John Wick

A very silly, vary action-y movie starring Keeno Reeves in the title role. Yes, I know that's not how he spells his name, and yes, I know that's not how it's pronounced, but I can never remember the correct pronunciation, and besides, I kinda like saying 'keen-o'.
    The best part was spotting all the character actors we had seen in other shows, like . . .

Lance Reddick as The Continental hotel manager Charon, from The Wire.

Clarke Peters as Harry, also from The Wire. He only shows up briefly, most memorably in the hotel corridor in his underwear carrying a gun, you know, just in case.

Michael Nyqvist (right) as Viggo Tarasov and Alfie Allen as his son Iosef Tarasov. Michael Nyqvist we saw in the Swedish version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. We've been watching Alfie Allen playing the horribly tortured victim Reek on Game of Thrones.

Here we have Adrianne Palicki as the assassin Perkins. I don't actually remember seeing her before, but she has a memorable fight seen with Keeno in this movie. Plus she carries a gun, though she doesn't manage to hit anything with it. Bad quality in an assassin. Her expression here more than makes up for not holding a gun at the moment.
I don't know where they got the story for this movie, but I suspect a graphic novel. Or maybe they skipped that step. Our hero drives a succession of high performance cars. He starts with an old high-performance Mustang, similar to Eleanor from the remake of Gone in 60 Seconds. When that gets stolen he gets an early 1970's Chevelle Super Sport. I think that one gets trashed, so now he gets a new Dodge Charger. I think the Chrysler product placement team is working overtime these days. Chrysler products seem to be the choice of bad guys across the board in movieland.
    I understand how some people are still mentally locked into those aging muscle cars, but for me they are more like dinosaurs. Big, heavy, cumbersome and crude, that can be beaten six ways from Sunday by any number of modern cars. Probably not by a Civic, but certainly by a some versions of a Cadillac.

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