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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

RC Battleship from 1938

Vintage 1937 Remote Controlled Battleship - $3750 (Escondido)

Remote controlled battleship USS CALIFORNIA. Built in 1937 in the very early days of civilian RC modeling. 10 feet long. 360 pounds. Made of auto body steel. There are 12 38 caliber main guns that fire, and 4 22 caliber guns that fire also. Made by Howard E. Bixby of Glendale Ca. RC is all tube radio. Fully documented with plans, articles in 1937 radio magazines, newspaper, photos and navel blueprints. Very compelling story with a surprising and tragic ending. Model has been stored since at least the early 60s . Is not running and needs work. 77 years of original patina. Early piece of remote control history.
Tam found it on Craigslist. Posthip Scott found it mentioned in a 1938 issue of Radio News and on the cover of a Radio Craft from 1940. The 1938 price tag was $10,000.

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